Netzsch NOTOS


  • Netzsch

Pump Type(s):


  • Screw

Product Description:

The NOTOS Multiple Screw Pump (MSP) family has superior quality standards to meet our customers highest level of requirements. With its own unique design, the NOTOS multiple screw pump is engineered to cover a wide range of applications. Available in two screw, three screw, and four screw (geared twin).


The NOTOS Multi Screw pumps are designed to work with low to high lubricant fluids, low to high viscosity, shear sensitive and/or chemically aggressive media. The MSP is applicable in the following markets: Oil & Gas, Marine, Power, and General Industry.


To 6600 GPM

Temp Range:

To 570 deg F

Max Pressure:

To 1176 psi


To 50,000 cSt

Materials of Construction:

Cast Iron & Stainless Steel

Additional Information: