Experienced Fluid Handling Specialists for Industrial Pumps,
Valves, Filters and Related Process Equipment

E.W. Process is your leading source for all liquid process equipment and systems. As a leader in the industrial supply industry, we’ve established a reputation for the highest quality products and services. Our team is geared towards creating custom industrial solutions, and maintains close connections with countless industry suppliers and pump manufacturers.

Building on our company’s established brand relationships and pumping experience, our team of engineers is located in-house for all of your design needs. Fully staffed and readily equipped, we maintain a clear line of communication with the consumer, making responding via email or telephone an absolute priority. Our focus is to understand your needs and not just deliver a product, but deliver a solution.



About E.W. Process

As your full line sales and service organization specializing in processed liquid applications you can expect us to provide you with the very best in industrial solutions and service. We are an employee-owned company based in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Driven by a passion for problem solving and engineering, our in-house team of engineers is able to create the highest quality systems without sacrificing service. We are dedicated to handling details including tank car unloading, storage, heating, mixing, transfer, filtration and instrumentation, doing so for even the harshest of applications.

Employee ownership creates a deep commitment to the success of your project. As employee owners our goal is to provide superior service, deliver quality process equipment, and exceed your expectations. In short, we care, we ask, and we deliver! Internal accountability is key, with our team working together you are guaranteed a job well done.

E.W. Process operates in five different states; North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. Our sales team members operate remotely and connect to our offices electronically. Having our team members deployed into the territories allows our consumers to connect directly with the company – and allows us to operate at the optimum level, ultimately providing you with the best price and service.


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