Liquiflo Endura MC Series - Magnetic Coupling Pump


  • Liquiflo

Pump Type(s):

  • Centrifugal


  • ANSI Pump
  • Sealless

Sub Application(s):

  • Close-Coupled
  • End Suction
  • Mag-Drive

Product Description:

The Endura MC Series is Liquiflo's standard line of Group I and Group II ANSI-dimensional centrifugal magnetic coupling pump. They have handled a broad range of fluids from water to sulfuric acid. The standard materials of construction provide an excellent balance of chemical compatibility, initial cost and pump life. The Endura MC Series is available in 7 sizes to cover a wide flow range.


Best for handling toxic, noxious, crystallizing, or most other hazardous liquid since it completely contains the pumpage by isolating the drive shaft inside the pump housing.


MC Series: 100 ft to 420 ft (Varies based on pump size)


MC Series: 175 GPM to 770 GPM (Varies based on pump size)

Temp Range:

MC Series: 30 Degrees F to 350 Degrees F

Max Pressure:

To 275 PSI

Materials of Construction:

316 SS Wetted parts, Silicon Carbide Bearings, Teflon O-Rings (Other custom materials are available from the factory).

Additional Information: