Sundyne Sunflo P Series - Industrial High Pressure Pump


  • Sundyne
  • Sunflo

Pump Type(s):

  • Centrifugal


  • High Pressure

Sub Application(s):

  • Close-Coupled
  • End Suction
  • High Speed

Product Description:

The non-API Sunflo industrial high pressure pump product line harnesses Sundyne's high-head, low-flow technology and experience for use in General Industry applications. Used by OEMs and end users alike, Sunflo pumps are in service around the world typically in non-API applications such as Boiler Feed, Reverse Osmosis, NOx Suppression, Washdown, Injection, Seal Flush, and Condensate Return. Available in close-coupled, frame-mount, or base plate configurations, you can count on Sunflo pumps to get the job done!


Pollution Control, Chemical and Petroleum, Power Systems, General Industrial, Pulp and Paper, Vehicle Manufacturing, Mining, Food and Beverage, Oil Production


P1500: 100 to 1,300 ft // P2500: 250 to 2,600 ft // P3000: 5500 to 4,200 ft


P1500: 10 to 33 GPM // P2500: 20 to 180 GPM // P3000: 50 to 500 GPM

Temp Range:

P1500 and P2500:-50F to 300F // P3000: -50F to 350F

Max Pressure:

P1500: 1,000 PSI // P2500: 1,440 PSI // P3000: 2,160 PSI

Materials of Construction:

316 SS, AISI4140/8620/9310 Steel, Aluminum, or Cast Steel

Additional Information: