Wilfley KPro - Slurry Pump


  • Wilfley

Pump Type(s):

  • Centrifugal


  • Slurry Pump
  • Solids Handling

Sub Application(s):

Product Description:

The Kpro® slurry pump is Wilfley’s latest iteration of the classic side suction design that started it all, The Kpro® slurry pump comes standard with the Wilfley dynamic expeller and the latest SolidLock® static sealing technology.


Ideal for Slurry Applications


To 235 Ft


To 5,685 USGPM

Particle Size:

Up to 1 in

Materials of Construction:

MAXALLOY® 2 Hard Iron, MAXALLOY® 5 Hard Iron, MAXALLOY® 5A Hard Iron, NiHard 4 Hard Iron, White Iron, WCD4™ Duplex Stainless Steel, Alloy 20 Nickel Alloy

Additional Information: