Johnson TopGear L - Stainless Gear Pump


  • Johnson

Pump Type(s):

  • Positive Displacement


  • Gear
  • Mechanically Sealed

Product Description:

The Johnson TopGear L-series is a stainless gear pump, available in six different sizes. Shaft seal options include mechanical seals, packed gland and double flushed PTFE lipseals. Flange-mounted or bracket for foot-mounting, the TG L pedestal fits to IEC-flanged motors. Safety relief valves are available built-on or separately. Connection sizes from 1" to 1.1/2".


Petrochemicals (pure or filled bitumen, pitch, diesel oil, crude oil, lube oil), Chemicals (Sodium Silicate, Acids, Plastics, Mixed Chemicals, Isocyanates), Paint and Ink, Resins and Adhesives, Pulp & paper (Acid, Soap, Lye, Black Liquor, Kaolin, Lime, Latex, Sludge), Food (Chocolate, Cacao butter, Fillers, Sugar, Vegetable Fats and Oils, Molasses, Animal Feeds)

Max Viscosity:

To 60000 M.Pas


To 8 M3/H

Temp Range:

To 250 Degrees C

Max (Differential) Pressure:

30 Bar

Materials of Construction:

Cast Iron Casing // Steel Idler and Rotor

Additional Information: