Lutz-Jesco Memdos LA


  • Lutz-Jesco

Pump Type(s):

  • Positive Displacement


  • Diaphragm
  • Metering Motor Driven
  • Sealless

Product Description:

The MEMDOS LA is equipped with a diverse range of inputs and outputs and can thus be deployed for complex dosing tasks. It can be controlled via a 0/4 – 20 mA current input and an external release input. At the same time, it indicates its current operating state via a fault output (alarm relay) and an optocoupler output (stroke feedback). The pump is fitted with a 0 – 20 mA analogue output. The MEMDOS LA is compatible with all conventional control systems. The pump is also fitted with a level input, can evaluate suction lines directly using a low level alarm and its large functional scope means that it can be deployed in a number of areas.


For the treatment of drinking and swimming pool water, Wastewater Treatment in Municipal Water Systems, Oil-Water Separation in the Oil and Gas Industry, Feeding Kieselguhr and Other Media in the Beverage and Food Processing Industry, Dosing of detergents in car wash installations, Boiler Feedwater Conditioning, Circulation of Salt Water in Marine Aquaria, Corrosion Inhibition in a Warm Water Heating System, Dosing in Heating Plants with Heavy Oil Boilers, Incorporation of Chemical Additives in the Pulp Industry, Treatment of Chemical wastewater, Etc.


Up to 270 gph

Temp Range:

PVDF & Stainless: To 176 Degrees F // PVC Parts: To 95 Degrees F // PP Parts: To 140 Degrees F

Max Pressure:

Up To 232 psig

Materials of Construction:

PVC, PP, PVDF, and Stainless Steel Material

Additional Information: