Netzsch NEMO BY - Progressive Cavity Pump


  • Netzsch

Pump Type(s):

  • Positive Displacement


  • Low Shear
  • Mechanically Sealed
  • Progressive Cavity
  • Slurry

Product Description:

Netzsch NEMO® BY Progressing Cavity Pumps convey a wide array of substances or very precisely meter substances in numerous industrial applications. From low viscosity substances to products barely capable of flowing, with or without solid content, shear-sensitive, sticky or abrasive – with the NEMO® BY, even difficult substances are pumped gently and with low pulsation. In block construction with a direct coupled drive, this NEMO® pump is particularly compact and economical. The NEMO® BY also offers you low investment and low operating and maintenance costs. Four rotor/stator geometries are available to cover a wide range of products and applications. Contact us and we will help you find the optimal solution for your application.


The NEMO® BY Progressing Cavity Pump is used primarily for substances with the following properties: consistencies from liquid to pasty, substances with solid content, shear-sensitive, sticky to dry, thixotropic and dilatant, abrasive, and adhesive such as wastewater, activated sludge, plaster and cement mortar, acids, lime water, emulsion paints, soaps, adhesives, etc.


up to 2000 gpm

Temp Range:

From -40°F to 570°F

Differential Pressure:

Up to 360 psi

Materials of Construction:

Available in various materials, from steel to chrome-nickel-steel to highly acid-resistant materials such as duplex, Hastelloy and titanium with various stator materials including highly abrasion-resistant natural rubber, oil-, acid-, and alkali-resistant elastomers, Aflas and Viton.

Additional Information: