Plenty TRIRO Screw C-Range


  • Plenty

Pump Type(s):

  • Positive Displacement


  • Mechanically Sealed
  • Screw

Product Description:

For medium pressure, high-flow instances with clean liquids, the Plenty TRIRO Screw C-Range screw pump is the ideal choice. They can meet most turbomechanical specifications ranging from API 614, API 610, and even API 676, and are versatile enough to handle most other international pump standards or specifications. In additional, custom casing designs can be accommodate to meet client desires.


Forced Lubrication (Major Rotating Machine Bearings), Seal Oil Circulation (Compressor Labyrinth Seals), Fuel Oil Firing (Boilers, Kilns, Etc) Lube Oil Transfer, Fuel Oil Transfer, Orimulsion Transfer and Firing, Scavenging, Fuel Oil Pumping and Heating Sets, Duplex Pump and Filter Sets, Rail/Road Car Loading and Unloading, Hydraulic Power Packs, Watertight Door Operation, Elevator / Lift Pumps, Variable Pitch Propeller Control, Bitumen Production and Loading, Fats Transfer, Viscose Production


(2 to 1750 cSt) 33 to 8,100 ssu


3 to 300 usgpm (0.6 to 68.0 m3/hr)

Temp Range:

-20 to +200C (-4 to +390F)

Max Pressure:

up to 50.0 Bar (up to 725 psi)

Materials of Construction:

Fabricated Steel Casing

Additional Information: