Plenty Twinro Two Screw


  • Plenty

Pump Type(s):

  • Positive Displacement


  • Mechanically Sealed
  • Screw

Product Description:

The Plenty Twinro two screw pump is a heavy duty, fixed flow transfer unit. It is available in either Iron, steel or stainless steel constructions to suit a variety of duties. The design of the screwset means the screws intermesh without metallic contact, making the pump suitable for non-lubricating duties. The pump is available in two configurations: Outboard bearing pumps suitable for non-lubricating liquids, such as petroleum liquids, palm oils, fatty acids and water emulsions. Inboard bearing pumps suitable for lubricating liquids, such as lube oils, and clean fuel oils.


The Plenty Twinro two screw pump works with any bulk transfer of liquid like rail/road car loading or unloading, tank to tank transfer/tank to process transfer (and process to tank transfer), ships bunkering, ships liquid cargo pumping, bilge and ballast pumping, distribution in liquid marketing terminals, pipeline and process flow requirements. Pumps constructed from stock materials (iron and steel) are commonly used for: lubricating oils, fuel oils (residual and distillate), petroleum liquids, bitumens/asphalts, solvents, vegetable oils, glue, varnish, resins, paints, polymers. custom built pumps - typically in stainless steels or bronze are used for applications with milk corrosion effect: palm oils, fatty acids, water (fresh or sea), and some acids.


up to 7,000 cSt (32,500 SSU)


to 2200 USGPM (to 500 M3/hr) // Capacities up to 800m3/hr can be accommodated on special applications.

Temp Range:

-40 to +200C (-40 to +390F)

Max Pressure:

up to 20.0 Bar (up to 290 psi)

Materials of Construction:

Cast Iron/Cast Steel Casing and Covers, Also available in S.G. Iron/Stainless Steel

Additional Information: