Zenith B Series


  • Zenith

Pump Type(s):

  • Positive Displacement


  • Mechanically Sealed
  • Metering Gear

Product Description:

Maintaining reliable flow control despite variations in temperature, viscosity and pressure, The Zenith B Series pumps are designed to provide stable, precise and repeatable flow control of process fluid despite variations in temperature, viscosity, and pressure.


The Zenith B Series pumps are broadly applied to metering services such as colorings, catalysts, resins, flavorings, perfumes, vitamins, oils, adhesives, coatings, paints/varnishes, polymers, lubricants, dyes, defoamers, pharmaceuticals, urethanes, fuels and viscose.


BPB, BMB, and BMC: up to 100,000 cp, BLB: up to 500,000 cp, and BXB: up to 2,000,000 cp


BPB: 0.025 – 8.3 GPH, BMB: 0.88 – 16 GPH, BMC: 1.79 – 79.3 GPH, BLB: 0.8 – 285 GPH, BXB: 15.85 – 570 GPH

Temp Range:

To 300F (150C)

Max Pressure:

BPB: 1500 PSI, BMB: 1000 PSI, BMC: 500 PSI, BLB and BXB: 3000 PSI

Materials of Construction:

400 Series Stainless Steel, See brochures for additional material info.

Additional Information: