Zenith PEP II Series


  • Zenith

Pump Type(s):

  • Positive Displacement


  • Mechanically Sealed
  • Metering Gear

Product Description:

While gear-pump-assisted extrusion has been used for years, the Zenith PEP II positive displacement pump optimizes the process by allowing the screw to melt and homogenize the polymer. This means the extruder isn't pushed as hard so there's less heat from the shear, which means less torque and no surging. The PEP II pumps can also come fitted with the Rheoseal. The Rheoseal provides a water channel to cool the polymer as well as reverse flights inside the chamber. The pump's improved dimensional stability and controlled melt quality isolates the die from upstream fluctuations and stabilizes the plasticating action while lowering melt temperature. The PEP II also provides extended extruder life and a lower cost to operate.


Ideal for such processes as: film, sheet, profile, coextrusion, wire and cable, nonwoven, tubing, coating, fiber boosting, nonwoven fibers, and pelletizing.


0.2-7,000 lbs/hr

Temp Range:

To 950F

Max Pressure:

10,000 psi

Materials of Construction:

Tool Steel Front, Center and Rear Plates, metering gears, and bearings // Stainless Rheoseal and seal plate // Filled PTFE Lip Seal

Additional Information: