Learn All About Industrial Pump Types

Industrial pumps – like Centrifugal Pumps or Positive Displacement Pumps – are utilized for a large variety of industries and applications. They are generally used to move different types of liquid products, such as:

  • chemicals, acids & solvents – corrosive and toxic
  • industrial waste
  • water
  • oil and petroleum
  • pollution, wastewater or slurry
  • sludge from mineral processing
  • food processing

The below videos give a good overview over how the different industrial pump types work.

SUNDYNE Ansimag – Centrifugal Pumps

Example of how Sundyne’s Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps handles solids
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LIQUIDFLO – Centrifugal Pumps

Liquiflo offers a range of magnetically coupled, conventionally sealed pumps.
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Tsurumi Centrifugal Pumps

Tsurumi Oil Lifter – Ideal Protection for the Mechanical Seal
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NETZSCH Pumps – Operating Principle

Learn about the operating principle of a NETZSCH Positive Displacement Pump
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NETZSCH – NEMO Positive Displacement Pumps

Learn how the Netzsch Nemo Pump creates constant discharge quantity without pulsation
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Rotary Lobe Pump Types

NETZSCH Rotary Lobe Pump 

Observe how the NETZSCH TORNADO Rotary Lobe Pump works
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