Johnson TopGear H - Stainless Steel Gear Pump


  • Johnson

Pump Type(s):

  • Positive Displacement


  • Gear
  • Mechanically Sealed

Product Description:

The Johnson TopGear H-series is a stainless steel gear pump, available in nine different sizes. The modular design gives a wide range of possibilities. Shaft seal options include single and double mechanical seals as well as packed gland and cartridge seals. Baseplate-mounted.Heating and cooling jackets are available for pump cover and around shaft seal. Single or double safety relief valves are available built-on. Connections from 32 to 150 mm.


Petrochemicals (pure or filled bitumen, pitch, diesel oil, crude oil, lube oil), Chemicals (Sodium Silicate, Acids, Plastics, Mixed Chemicals, Isocyanates), Paint and Ink, Resins and Adhesives, Pulp & paper (Acid, Soap, Lye, Black Liquor, Kaolin, Lime, Latex, Sludge), Food (Chocolate, Cacao butter, Fillers, Sugar, Vegetable Fats and Oils, Molasses, Animal Feeds)

Max Viscosity:

To 80,000 M.Pas


To 130 M3/H

Temp Range:

To 300 Degrees C

Max (Differential) Pressure:

16 Bar

Materials of Construction:

Stainless Steel, Cast Steel, or Ductile Iron Casing // Cast Iron, Steel, or Stainless Steel Idler // Cast Iron, Nodular Iron, or Stainless Steel Rotor

Additional Information: