Lutz B70V-SR - Eccentric Screw Pump


  • Lutz

Pump Type(s):

  • Positive Displacement


  • Low Shear
  • Mechanically Sealed
  • Progressive Cavity
  • Screw

Product Description:

Viscous and shear-sensitive media call for especially gentle handling - eccentric screw pumps of the Lutz B70V-SR series are the best "partners" in industrial environments. They will also used for pumping neutral, aggressive and flammable liquids when high pressure is needed. They resist wear delete well, are robust and operationally safe and they are easy to detach and to clean.


The B70V-SR is suitable for aqueous to highly-viscous substances with or without fibrous or solid matters: Chemical industry (acids, lyes, sludge, viscous pastes, dispersions, adhesives, etc), Cosmetics industry (creams, soaps, toothpaste, shampoos and raw materials for soaps), Confectionery industry (honey, syrups and preserves), Paint and lacquer factories (paints, lacquers and pastes). Food industry (milk, whey, cheese, spread and ketchup), Mineral oil industry (high-viscosity oils and fluid greases)


12.1: up to 3.1 GPM // 25.1: up to 6.6 GPM // 50.1: up to 13 GPM

Temp Range:

up to 284 °F (PTFE and FPM) // up to 176 °F (NBR)

Max Pressure:

12.1: to 200 ft // 25.1 and 50.1: To 260 ft

Max Viscosity:

12.1 and 25.1: 1-30.000 cps // 50.1: 1-20.000 cps

Materials of Construction:

316SS Housing, Drive Shaft, and Rotor // FPM Seals (12.1 and 25.1) and Viton Seals (50.1) // Carbon/SS,FPM or SiC/SiC,FPM Mechanical Seal // PTFE Stator (12.1) and NBR Light, FPM, or PTFE Stator (25.1 and 50.1)

Additional Information: