Zenith H Series


  • Zenith

Pump Type(s):

  • Positive Displacement


  • Mechanically Sealed
  • Metering Gear

Product Description:

The tough and wear resistant Zenith H pump series is designed for high temperature and viscosity service, providing stable, repeatable flows which are assured even under varying conditions of pressure. They feature a unique design that offers pulseless flow without valves or any flexible elements that could negatively impact performance. With only three moving parts, the Zenith H pump series' hardened tool and die steels rate to 64 Rc or better, and easily-replaceable sleeve bearings are available for affordable rebuilds. They also provide high volumetric efficiency, which is achieved with optimum operating clearances and supported while under pressure by built-in alignment dowels. The construction is of the highest precision standards, and all of this with a high temperature tolerance that can handle up to 950°F (510°C)!


The Zenith H pump series provides precise, pulse free, repeatable flow in market segments such as adhesives, additives, polymers, plasticizers, oils, tars, inks and fibers.


Up to 2,000,000 cps


HPB: 0.00013 – 0.14 gpm, HMB: 0.0028 – 0.476 gpm, HLB: 0.008 – 2.4 gpm, HXB: 0.055 – 9.5 gpm

Temp Range:

To 950F (510C)

Max Pressure:

Up to 4,000 psi

Materials of Construction:

HPB: D2 and M Series Tool Steel // HMB: M2 Tool Steel // HLB: D Tool Steel // HXB: M Series Tool Steel

Additional Information: