Milton Roy SOLAROY


  • Milton Roy

Pump Type(s):

  • Positive Displacement


  • Diaphragm
  • Metering Hydraulically Actuated
  • Metering Motor Driven
  • Metering Plunger
  • Sealless

Product Description:

As the name suggests, Milton Roy SOLAROY chemical injection pumps are solar-powered pumps that can work continuously, day and night, to provide reliable chemical delivery. The solar panel charges a 12-volt battery to provide performance where power is not readily available. They provide a compact, durable design with innovative features to ensure optimal performance like an enhanced drive designed to accommodate target-end load force, in addition to new radial bearings to reduce friction and increase balance between torque and motor efficiency. These “set it and forget it” pumps work continuously, reducing shutdowns and lost production.


Milton Roy SOLAROY pumps are ideal solutions for consistently injection of methanol, corrosion inhibitors, oxygen binders, and other corrosive substances.


from 10.1 gpd (38.2 l/d) up to 56 gpd (211 l/d) in simplex configuration.

Max Pressure:

from 100 psi (5 bar) up to 5000 psi (345 bar)

Materials of Construction:

316SS Liquid End, 17-4 ph Stainless plunger

Additional Information: