Ansimag KP - Self Priming Pump


  • Ansimag
  • Sundyne

Pump Type(s):

  • Centrifugal


  • Sealless
  • Self Priming

Sub Application(s):

  • Close-Coupled
  • End Suction
  • Mag-Drive
  • Non-Metallic
  • Teflon Lined

Product Description:

The Sunflo Ansimag KP is a Self Priming Pump that features a large priming chamber and solid volute for maximum priming lift. It has a solid check valve for reduced back flow velocity and accelerated priming speed. The KP has a built-in 1/2" NPT thermal plug for additional pump protection monitoring, as well as an optional goose neck for maintaining prime during intermittent operation.


Chemical Processing (Transfer, Unloading, Bulk Storage), Hydrocarbon Processing/Refining (Sour Water, Neutralization, Boiler House), General Industrial (Steel Finishing, Pickling, Etching, Electroplating, High Purity Processes, Filtration), Municipal (Wastewater/Wastechemical Treatment, Scrubber Systems), Mining (Leaching), BioFuels (Distillation, Transesterification, Neutralization), Pulp & Paper (Bleaching, Waste Treatment), and Pharmacuetical.


To 150 Ft


To 300 GPM

Temp Range:

-20 Degrees F to 250 Degrees F

Max Pressure:

285 PSI

Materials of Construction:

ETFE Lined Ductile Iron Casing, and Carbon Fiber Reinforced ETFE Wetted Parts

Additional Information: